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Sunday 5 July 2020
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Advantage and Disadvantage of Modern Technology

Our world revolves with technology. There are many gadgets built with the innovation of technology such as smart phones, laptops, electronics, gaming and computers. From many years we evolved by embracing the newest technology gave to us. Robots, vehicles and electronics are being made through technology. Isn’t amazing how our life becomes simple with modern technology? However this advancement gives us both advantage and disadvantage.

The advantage of modern technology is giving us convenience; we don’t have to buy newspapers because surfing the internet lets us read trending news, we don’t have to spend money calling our loved ones from other countries because there are free online applications that let us speak and see them, students feel comfortable in online reading than using books and mostly internet now comes free with specific gadgets. The development of latest vehicles is also due to modern technology and engineering.

Technology also speeds up the production from factories and manufacturing companies because of the use of new machinery and equipment. It is cost efficient and will lead to the growth of business easily as product time become lesser. Also, IT companies become popular because many students prefer studying the course for they believe that technology evolves for many years to come. All industries that use technology will become prominent as years goes by.

There are also disadvantages brought by modern technology. People get to depend on technology and become lazy to do things on their own. They will depend on technological machines like computers on researching to get instant results. They rely too much with technology and even forget about relying to their own knowledge and abilities. When it comes to the economy, since the manufacturing industry depends on technology they will not require high manpower and labor help thus giving less job opportunities.

We can’t imagine our life without technology as we are used in taking advantage on it. Never forget about the simple things that we can do without it. Never blame technology because it was developed for countries to become progressive.

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