Latest in Personal Technology

Staff November 5, 2020 0
Latest in Personal Technology

Several new devices and apps are flooding the technological sphere bringing us closer to the future. The following is a round-up of the latest technology in the personal technology industry.

1. Sonos Redesign of the play: 5 speaker
Although Sonos speakers have always sounded excellent, the trendsetter of wireless music brought in a new speaker that comes with new features.The company revamped the past design of the speaker bringing in new design characteristics and a new technology that enables users to use a smartphone to fine tune the whole system.The new technology is called True play and works first through installing the app, going to settings, then selecting a speaker already on your network. The new system also has the ability to determine how sound emanating from the speaker reflects off walls and furniture. Sonos also brings the new play: 5, a new speaker system that sounds better as compared to the old one.
2. Office 2016
A new version of the windows, the latest, is coming to machines this Tuesday. The most recent version of windows from Microsoft is not a massive redesign, but rather an addition of a ton of features. The bulk of the features include, real -time collaboration that will enable people working on the same document to see each other typing. Another additional feature is Skype integration which will incorporate Skype features such as text messages, screen sharing and voice and video chats directly into office 2016. Other features include hidden ribbons, one-time purchase and a tell me search box.3. Pebble’s New Time Round Smartwatch
On Wednesday, the company will introduce its latest version of smartwatches that comes with a circular display, the first for the enterprise. The smartwatch is the thinnest and lightest and comes with a stainless steel glass casing and works just like other pebble smartwatches. To this end, pebble’s usual simple and notification-centered aspect of its smartwatches is kept intact with fresh offering.

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