Apple TV review

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Apple TV review

Apple TV is one of the incredible hardware designed by Apple. This set top box is always being updated to include new and exciting features. The latest model has incorporated the ability to stream and play 1080p HD movie. The previous model only supported 720 p for all movie rentals and purchases. This box gives the user the ability to rent and buy movies and acts as a browser to some selected stores e.g. YouTube, while also streaming content thanks to Apple’s Airplay system. You can easily stream from your ios device and play it on your TV.

The box is a 23mm * 98mm*98mm weighing at about o.27 Kg. It has been designed with an excellent aluminum, which has some buttons as well as ports and connectors at the back. Some of the ports found in this box include HDMI, Ethernet Micro-USB port Optical Audio port.

The latest set-top box is using a A5 chip. This enables it to handle 1080P movie playback. It also has a Broadcom 4330 Wi-Fi chip, which supports Bluetooth 4.0+ HS. However, this function is not currently utilized.

When you connect your TV to this box, a voice will ask you if you would like to enable the voice features. This voice feature has been used to help a visually impaired user who might need additional help while navigating the system. If you want to enable it, you click a button three times.In the new model, Apple has used the ios-style of approach, which has included larger and wider icons. The ios style of approach means using icons instead of a text based menu. At the top of the interface, you have a list if the latest movie. You can either rent or purchase these movies.

Apple TV also supports TV shows; though does not include all of the shows. You will find lots of the UK and American shows.

With a strong WI-FI, network the Airplay feature in the Apple TV works normally. Select the airplay icon on your device, click on iTunes and select on Apple TV as the video starts to play. The video will only take a couple of seconds before it begins to play on your will also be consistent without buffering or any related inconveniences.

As a set box Apple TV does not support free to air channels, this is one of its main challenges. Whatever you are watching you have to either buy or rent, you have no alternative.

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