Computer Parts And Their Uses

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Computer Parts And Their Uses

One of the most important and most useful things since the wheel is the computer. A computer is basically an electronic device used to do all sorts of tasks ranging from mathematical equations to playing games for entertainment. A computer has several parts. Every extreme computer user chooses each part individually They know which part has to be extremely fast for their individual needs and which part can be just fast or even mediocre. However, this is not the case for beginners. They require to be well acquainted with the various parts of a computer. This information is essential to them in case they think of purchasing their own computer.

Computer Parts List

They include the following:

  1. Monitor

It is the television like screen in the computer set. It is responsible for displaying and letting the user view images and other information being displayed.

  1. Keyboard

This is used by the user to type in letters, number and special characters in a text box. The keyboard is divided into three parts;

  • The letter parts
  • The number part
  • The keys that contain the special characters with special functions.
  1. The CPU

The central processing unit or the CPU is the computer component responsible for running programs and applications on the computer. This means that without a CPU connected to your computer, you will not be in a position to do any tasks. It is very important for your computer to function.

  1. Mouse

It is the small device held by the user to select the command that they tend to do. It is the access device of the user in using a computer.

  1. Speakers

These are used to produce sounds. They can be built into the monitor or external

  1. HDDs

It means hard disk drive. All the information that is stored in the computer goes to the hard disk drive .It can store a lot of information. Their capacity is not homogenous. You can find a hard disk drive of 1TB, 500GB and so on.

  1. Webcams

It is used when the user wants to see the other person online. If you are using a laptop, these webcams are built in or already installed in the computer’s program.

Those are the main parts of a typical computer. It is therefore important that the user familiarizes himself or herself with those parts. It will make things easy for him or her once he or she starts using a computer.

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