How to Build Computers the Easy Way

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How to Build Computers the Easy Way

Building computers is not a hard task as it sounds. Building your own computers allows you to save money. Besides, its fun and learning experience. The following guide on how to build computers will help you build your first computer.

1) Research and purchase the required parts

When you have the individual computer components, it becomes extremely easy and cheap to build a computer. Some of the crucial parts that you require include, the motherboard, case or tower, thermal compound, processor, hard drive, memory or RAM , heatsink fan, video card, mouse , keyboard, soundcard CD drives, monitor, and an operating system of your choice.

2) Assemble your PC

Assembling is a very crucial part of computer building because several things can go wrong at this stage. However, this is the most challenging part and a lot of keenness is needed.

Here is the procedure to followi)Start by fixing the motherboard followed by the processor and heatsink.

  1. ii) Insert CD drives and then put the hard drive

iii) Put the sound, video and network card and screw them properly.

  1. iv) Next, get your ata/sata ribbons. Connect them to the hard drive and the motherboard, slide the RAM or memory into the slots on the motherboard.
  2. v) Close up the tower and ensure it’s screwed properly. Now plug in the keyboard, mouse, and monitor.
  3. vi) Get your windows disk and start up you PC for the first time.

Ensure you have a reliable power supply to avoid problems. A power capacity of 400W is recommended.

3) Testing

It’s time to troubleshoot to ensure that your computer is fine.

Building computers is very easy since most parts are standardized. Their installation has also become very simple as it requires very little technical skill.

Now that you know how to build a computer in the easiest and fastest way, its time you use this powerful knowledge for your own benefit.

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